My experience with Egora

2020 gave everybody a reason to stop and think about the way things are progressing in our societies. Suddenly the huge gap between the will of the majority and the decisions made was exposed. What’s surprising is that there is not much progress despite all the talk from existing institutions. One of the organisations that I happened to stumble upon with an ambition to create a tool for direct democracy was Egora.Ideas on Egora are basically a wishlist, like Petitions. But unlike the platforms like, the implementation of the best ideas is planned to be done by the political … Continue reading My experience with Egora

Natural Anti-Biofilm Agents

Originally posted on The Science of Nutrition:
(March, 2015) Introduction Biofilms are gelatinous masses of microorganisms capable of attaching to virtually any surface. According to the NIH, they factor into nearly 80% of all bacterial infections¬†[Schachter, 2003] and are inherently… Continue reading Natural Anti-Biofilm Agents