Illia Dorosh

I am thinking of tailoring my resume for applying for een internship at research division of either Microsoft or Amazon – companies that benefit from innovation and therefore can spend a lot. They already employ Chris Bishop, Yoshua Benjio, ..
I am fascinated about the notion of the economic term “additionality of the intervention” – the net changes that are brought about over and above what would take place anyway.
Implementing reliable disintermediated marketplaces that classifies and recognizes your needs allows to monetize, therefore incentivizes value creation. This is what I’m passionate about and will use technologies like DLT, AI and Internet enabled intelligent machines to accomplish it.

I’m older than Google. What worries me is my finite attention and accelerating rate of AI evolution.
Very soon the model of you (to target ads) will become more alive than you, remembering younger version you, better than you.

I missed a lot of things, while getting my degree in systems engineering.
But it gave me some edge. I’m like Mendeleev, constantly thinking, putting pieces together.
Projecting Moore’s law 5, 10, 20 years into the future. Analyzing systems from first principles.

Realized that IOT devices are becoming real computers, like Personal computers stopped being considered “toys” in 1980s,
but this time becoming the size of the pill and costing under a dollar.

Learned about Distributed Ledger Technologies with “Gossip about gossip” and “virtual voting”.

I’m trying to build a system to process the increasing stream of information.
Integrating it into the brain. (at least utilizing other sensors, like I did with sound on Exchange events), extending Control.

Who said that they can only grow inside small boxes, like the head is!?
You just have to create an environment for neurons to replicate
Why grow useless decorative room plants or have stupid dogs, when you can grow a machine learning server farm!
VCs would invest in this, cause they’ve already spent $600m on brain computer interfaces startups, which produced nothing

“2084” camp – Orwellian bIOT enabled, goals tracking camp

With ASI constantly monitoring and driving inhabitants’ actions
“Sacrifice your freedom to live till 2084, not some insta- sh#%@”

I agree with Tim Urban – everything that’s happening is an anomaly.

Uber is only 9 years old.

I hope to contribute to the future state of incentives, helping humanity backup life to Mars,
instead of optimizing sales of antidepressants.

Best regards,
Illia Dorosh
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