My experience with Egora

2020 gave everybody a reason to stop and think about the way things are progressing in our societies. Suddenly the huge gap between the will of the majority and the decisions made was exposed. What’s surprising is that there is not much progress despite all the talk from existing institutions. One of the organisations that I happened to stumble upon with an ambition to create a tool for direct democracy was Egora.
Ideas on Egora are basically a wishlist, like Petitions. But unlike the platforms like, the implementation of the best ideas is planned to be done by the political party, which will be registered in different countries.

This reminds me of a green party, that has a consistent set of values internationally.

The International Logic Party, on the other hand will put forward a list of ideas with the most votes in the system. This gives everybody a chance to create and idea, promote it, and make it happen.

This approach is so powerful, that not only can it break the conformity of armchair activists, pointlessly arguing on social media, but as a tech company, Egora can be generalized beyond political projects, like problems, gathering funds for the winners of the competitions implementing the best solutions, thus creating the market with problems and solutions, which represent demand and supply respectively.

People could add things to their wishlist, that are not items in the store, but needs, problems they have, therefore signalling the demand for them.

This will be as simple as following hashtags relating to the problems you need solving, allocating the finite amount of points, or pledge money, so that those funds could be used like a hackathon prizes for the most promising teams.

To start, you can watch an introduction here:

Your imagination is the limit, take a look at my profile:

It all started with in-person meetings, and due to quarantine, moved to Zoom meetings. and then participate on Sundays

14:00 Central USA Time / 21:00 Central Europe Time

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