Booking’s net income is 2.341 billion USD (2017)
17,000 employees (in 198 offices, in 70 countries)

Airbnb Net income $93 million (2017)
Number of employees 3,100 (2017)

And everybody then has to do word2vec with whatever vocabulary they have generated by the dataset

Then you could publish your papers in thoughts™, and algos could do things like search, or reasoning with them

I was thinking, what Airbnb did, allowing people to pay for staying in stranger’s house, would a lot of people come to hang out to someone’s home for decentralised hackathons and eat vegetables instead of pizza?

I see the void that if filled, will bring big change. is great (bought by WeWork), with hackathons and coworking spaces, where small teams can create companies. But the food there is unhealthy, and it does not have to be central locations and lots of people. Couchsurfing meets WeWork. this is the solution for medical problems too. Regular folks instead of eating pills, watching youtube and scrolling instagram buying junk, sinking into debt can be sure that they will meet only people they want.

Yesterday, in the hostel, in my room, a purse with documents and $3000 was stolen from a japanese guy by (most probably) a weird casino addict from Nicolaev

When I came back, I saw a police car, they were in the corridor, watching cc footage

Every hostel takes id on checkin, except this one. They also don’t have pen for labeling food.

Lviv. This hostel is a disaster. I was moved to the room with a drunk guy, smells of fish. As well as the guy on some drugs, who clearly didn’t like the smell right away, and said he refuses to sleep there. He threatened to kill people, so the other guy hid the knives in the kitchen. Receptionist moved him on the couch in the corridor. He went to buy cigarettes to the city center. To be continued…

upload yourself into the matrix

I’m thinking of making an app for growing the knowledge base by pointing the camera and touching things and simultaneously narrate.

Once you have pretrained model with features, you can transfer learn with it by association, I think. And then perform Image recognition, you point camera or choose a picture, point to an object, it speaks in Japanese.

And more power can shift it either to be more disconnected sick, diabetic and medicated. I will go get that SoftBank money, VisionFund, like WeWork did

and do this quick, to compete with the emerging behemoth WeWork

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