AI in healthcare

Electronic nose sensor
Biome analytics
Sleep, eating, stress patterns, location.

I want to utilise my knowledge in factorial experiments, statistics, biochemistry, behavioral psychology, financial engineering to help both myself and millions of others. So far the main takeaway is,

Nobody is responsible anyways, they spend 10minutes on average, information transfer and processing is too slow, they can’t keep up with the research. The problem is to optimise the molecular machinery to it’s peak performance, and keep ot stable. Life evolved in the water, which is liquid in the range of temperatures exposed to the sunlight, goes in cycles. Human lives 1500 months max, good thing we now have storage with magnets

Solve the problem of making money, like Airbnb, not only ratings for doctors, but anonymised cases, that she solved, with ability to match similar successfully helped cases

People are overwhelmed with information, need to select recipes automatically


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