Incentives of corporate world, the need for gratitude

Increase revenue by selling more ->
Make people consume more ->
Treat Nausea (Coke)
More milk and meat -> more cattle -> worse hygiene ->
Antibacterials kills microbiome -> immune system
Treat cancer by more toxins and radiation ($$$).

Control the food supply, so that I can selectively weed out harmful activity to make the world more sustainable. P.S. please, don’t kill me yet.

I have a solution.

A betting game. Patient bets that there is no better or effective treatment, if he loses, gets health, if wins gets money.

 PCA screening. finding the cause and eliminating it is the solution. better to be roughly right, than precisely wrong.

Primates can not digest animal protein, not enough enzymes left to digest tumors caused by dioxins and herbicides, all the chicken, cheeses, undigested casein causes autoimmune arthritis, blood clots, diabetes. growth hormone – cancer​, antibiotics – leaky gut, gluten intolerance. Food is addiction, regulation, big Pharma stock price maximisation by any means. Corporations are in a sense AIs that have an objective function, and adapt to the environment by mutating their knowledge Multi step plan that leads to global domination.

outcomeperson winscompany wins
doesn’t workmoneydata

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